Mature Driver Course

Save up to 15% on your Auto Insurance Premiums with a Mature Driver Course

In California aging can help get car insurance to decrease in cost. You’ll simply need to complete an approved mature driver course, much like ours, one that helps keep you safe on surface streets and highways. Finish the class successfully and you’re one step closer to reducing your insurance premium by up to 15 percent.

The insurance discount is usually available to individuals 55 and older who complete the mature driving course and meet all other requirements specified by their insurance provider. Although you may not have been the cause or victim of an accident, freshening up on new California laws and regulation comes in handy as they are constantly changing. California is known for its congested highways and over populated cities, all being factors of citation and accident causes.

Aside from the course being educational, it’s also easy. The course includes strategies for safe driving, information on new and relevant laws, and new technologies. The Mature Driver Course can be completed online at your own pace. After you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate that you can hand in to your insurance provider. The insurance discount should remain valid for three years, you’ll then need to take a refresher course. Be sure to ask your insurance agent for any other available discounts offered for taking a mature driver course.

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