Traffic Tickets

Auto insurance rates go up when you have just one traffic violation, which can then jump another 50 percent after a few more violations. People who purchased a single-vehicle policy by themselves saw increases of as much as 18 percent after just one violation. As you may notice, insurance penalties only become worse with multiple offenses.

On average, people who receive two violations see an increase of about 33 percent. Three violations will sky-rocket your rates to as much as 50 percent or more (Numbers are compared to good drivers).

Popular moving violations include:

– Tickets for speed
– D.U.I.
– Through a red light
– Through a stop sign
– Police chase
– Driving on the wrong side
– Illegal U-turn
– Child safety seats
– Illegal passing

Insurance companies higher rates if drivers continuously repeat offenses because those drivers are then seen as a higher risk. This goes to show just how much your behavior can impact your car insurance premiums.

Senior citizens have it really bad. If you’re over the age of 65 and have two violations, then you’re looking at a rate jump of around 56 percent. Drivers between the ages of 55-64 would see a 47 percent increase, which is still a lot for two tickets.

A DUI charge (or driving under the influence) can hurt your rates the most, but not all insurers have the same high rates. If your insurance is in fact raised after receiving a ticket then you can always shop around for lower rates.

Also, try and enroll yourself into a driving safety class if your insurer qualifies those who do with better rates. This isn’t recommended, but you can always increase your deductible. This will make your premium price fall; however, you are taking a risk of paying more for a claim in the event an accident actually does occur.

These days insurers are very competitive, and even if you do have three of more violations you can still shop around for rates–you’re just going to have to pay for them.