Traffic School 101: What it takes to lose your Driving Privileges

Traffic School refers to a curriculum of tutorial courses that are designed to refresh drivers’ knowledge about traffic laws and general road safety. There are different reasons why people enroll in traffic school, but the most common one happens to be removal of infractions from a driving record. Depending on the nature of the violation, the state of California can offer traffic offenders the opportunity to attend traffic school as a rehabilitative penalty.

Driving History and Points:
The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) maintains a systematic record of every reported traffic incident or conviction. When a licensed driver is involved in a collision, or incurs a traffic conviction, these events are each documented on a driver’s public record for at least 36 months. Serious violations are recorded for even longer than 36 months. In addition to archiving individual traffic violations, the state also maintains a punitive point system known as the Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS). The NOTS program designates a point value to every possible traffic offense. Minor offenses are assigned low-value points, whereas serious offenses are assigned high-value points. If a driver commits enough offenses to accumulate points on their history, NOTS computers generate warning letters and indicate the need for sanctions which can culminate in probation, license suspension or license revocation.

More Points, More Problems:
The NOTS program doesn’t just allocate points to individual traffic violations, it also measures the timeframe that a driver takes to accumulate a certain number of points. Racking up a high number of points within a short period of time will classify you as a negligent operator, and deprive you of a license either through suspension or revocation. If your driving record reflects any of the following point-totals, you will automatically become labeled as a negligent operator:

4 points within a time period of 12 months.
6 points within a time period of 24 months.
8 points within a time period of 36 months.

Your biggest priority as a driver should be to commit as few traffic violations as possible, especially if you’ve already accumulated points on your record. It might seem like only serious crimes stand to jeopardize your reputation as a driver however there are several bad driving habits that could end up corrupting your record if you aren’t careful to drive diligently.

Among many others, some of the most common 1-Point California Vehicle Code violations include:
Disobeying a traffic officer.
Evading a peace officer.
Disregarding or failing to yield for pedestrians and crossing guards.
Failure to obey traffic lights and signals.
Improper lane use (e.g. driving the wrong way, driving on a bicycle lane, changing lanes in an intersection, etc.).
Illegal passing.
Illegal turns or U-turns.
Speed-limit violations.
Use of incorrect child passenger restraints.
Transporting persons in a truck bed.
Carrying an unsafe vehicle load.
Breaching license restrictions.

Among many others, some of the most common 2-Point California Vehicle Code violations include:

Evading a peace officer while driving recklessly.
Driving with a suspended or revoked license.
Hit and run.
Reckless driving.
Reckless driving that causes injury or property damage.
Driving the wrong way on a divided highway.
Racing or carrying out an exhibition of speed.
Driving under the influence.

If you’ve had the misfortune of getting stuck with a ticket, don’t just let your case unfold without trying to protect your driving record. Traffic school is a great way to reduce or eliminate any points that could be added to your record. This simple measure could spare you the trouble of dealing with increased insurance rates or prevent your license from being suspended or revoked.. Don’t let the struggles of early traffic violations stop you from trying to do the right thing because earning your way back from a suspended or revoked license is an ordeal that takes far more effort than simply following the rules today. For more information, give us a call at 1-888-309-4545 to find out how Adriana’s Traffic School can help you maintain your record clean.