6 Easy Tips to Ace Your Next Driving Test

Driving Tests aren’t just tests… they’re a rite of passage. They’re the one thing that stands between commuting on the bus for hours on end, or being able to come and go as you please with a quick drive down the street. This is one of the things that makes them such a nerve-wracking experience. On the surface they’re nothing more than a quick formality. In reality though, everyone taking them dreads losing out on a chance to enjoy the simple freedom of being a licensed driver.

While driving tests can be intimidating, they don’t have to be a nightmare if you get serious about preparing for them. Whether you’re a young driver, or a mature adult, the more work you put into getting ready for your test, the likelier it is to pass with flying colors. It’s important to remember that passing requires more than memorizing the Highway Code. You also have to demonstrate situational awareness at all times whenever you’re behind the wheel. Here are six responsible habits to practice in order to pass your next driving test:

1.       Don’t Panic: Keeping your wits about you is a necessary instinct when presented with unpredictable situations – and unpredictable situations can happen at any moment on the road. Remember to breathe and relax before, during and after your test.

2.       Be Fluid: No matter how much you might want to get everything over and done with, don’t rush through the test. Accelerate smoothly, brake smoothly and steer without any sudden or extreme movements.

3.       Master Your Pre-Drive Checklist: Before taking to the road during the test, learn how to do the following because you will be tested on them: locate the ignition; activate turn signals, switch on headlights; use windshield wipers; use hazard lights; locate and use defrosters; engage the emergency parking brake; honk the horn; adjust rearview mirrors.

4.       Be Alert: At all times during your test, make sure to demonstrate that you are looking out for pedestrians or other obstructions on the road. Even if the road is clear, if circumstances require you to scan your environment, don’t hesitate to do so.

5.       Obey Traffic Signs: Always heed posted speed limits, traffic lights and general signage on the road. Ignoring traffic signs and signals are an automatic way to fail a driving test. As a driver you’re expected either to know or decipher what all traffic signs mean.

6.       Stay in Your Lane: Always use the appropriate traffic lane for your movements on the road. Turn from the proper lane, merge into the proper lane, and always signal your intended lane-changes.

Every driver is unique when it comes to driving tests. Some drivers need to brush up on the technical aspects of driving, while others require more actual practice on the road. Whichever learning-style fits you best, just make sure to prepare as much as possible. After all, practice makes perfect. For more information, visit any of our offices or give us a call at 888-309-4545 to find out how Adriana’s Traffic School can help you deal with the DMV.